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Message from Avril Bevens

It is my sad duty to report that The Gransdens Mothers Union Branch will close. If Members have chosen to take up Diocesan membership, they are still eligible to attend Deanery and Diocesan meetings. Diocesan Members will receive information directly from Bishop Woodford House (MU Office) Ely . MU artefacts belonging to the Branch (Church banners / books etc,) remain the property of The Gransdens Benefice until another group is reinstated. Remaining funds will be distributed amongst MU charities eg. AFIA, Overseas projects, Parenting groups.

This is a very sad event since in 2012 we celebrated Little Gransden church being members for 100 years.

Women's refuge, Prem. baby units and Addenbrookes Sick children's parents overnight packages: Donations for these charities can still be received and will be taken to designated MU officers for delivery. Points of contact: Gina (Abbotsley/Waresley) Avril (Great /Little Gransden) 677 643 Thank you to all who have generously donated and supported Mothers' Union and Charities.



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